Produced by: Jake One
Album: The Stimulus Package

Slug: “Being from South Minneapolis, getting the chance to work with Jake and Free was big because, to me, they’re stars. It's one thing to get respect from colleagues, but It feels great when a star acknowledges what you’re doing. It was during the making of the Jake One album, White Van Music, when we found out Freeway was accessible. When Freeway did the song with Ali, it was a big deal to me and that just reinforced how Freeway was accessible and into what we had going on. It's easy for me to forget who I am in terms of working with people who are a big deal to me. I mean, of course you have Rae, who's part of Wu-Tang, and Freeway, who's a guy that worked with Jay-Z! Having him and Raekwon on this track for us made us feel nice, validated, and acknowledged."

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