Produced by: Slug
Album: Overcast! EP

Slug: “This was our local breakout song. Prior to this, I was just another fish in a pond. This song made people start to notice and started us on a path to become more locally known. It was the beginning of my attempts to write more introspective raps. This song was pre-Ant, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the song that drew Ant in. He’s always regarded this song highly. I think this song was the first time he saw potential in me.

"I wrote this in ’95, but we first recorded it in ’96 at this half-studio at Siddiq’s. When I recorded, I wanted to make it a 4-track. I had a 16-track on a half-inch reel with a 24-track Maki and—since we made 4-tracks on all the Headshots tapes—we only used 4-tracks on a half-inch 16-inch tape. But by then we had already put a live recording of the song on a Headshots tape. Putting it back out as a recorded version seemed pointless so we voted against it. When it came time for the original Overcast EP to come out, everyone decided they now liked the recorded version and I didn’t really want it on there so we just threw it on there at the end."