Produced by: Ant
Album: Seven’s Travels

Slug: “I hope these songs aren’t in any sort of numerical order because there’s no fucking way that this is the best song we ever did. This was one of the first times we used an instrument at the center instead of a sample. It was the first song our guitarist Nate was on. That’s why I don’t get why people have such an issue with us using so many live instruments and having a band now because, going back to here, we’ve had musicians for a long time.

"I wrote it as an exercise about a walk from the 43rd and Chicago Walgreen’s to 26th and Garfield to make something as visual as possible. Every few bars I tried to introduce a new rap cliche: a robbery, flirting with a girl, a hood runs up, stealing cars, but I wanted a twist in the ending for each one. We made it during God Loves Ugly, but then put it on the back-burner.

"I forgot about it, but when it came time to do Seven’s Travels, Ant said, “You know, we still have this song...” He liked it. I never had much faith in it. It’s not a very well-written song. We never had a video for it although I would have loved to make visuals. But you have to let listeners’ interpretations have their own life and that’s why I think people get so much from this song.”