Game “I’m So Wavy” (2009)

Lyrics: “‘Ye’s my nigga, so, I’m gonna give him some advice/Get rid of Amber Rose/I’mma tell you how she get down/I was at Diddy’s afterparty, sipping Cris, she was whispering at Chris Brown/I seen Chris turn his head like, ‘No’/Then ‘Gold Digger’ came on, I pointed like, ‘Ho!’”

Complex says: Even though Game and Yeezy have been cool for years, we’re guessing ‘Ye didn’t appreciate Game dissing his Big Bro Jigga and his main squeeze at the time. But then again, Kanye did team up with Game on “Wouldn’t Get Far” where Game called out video vixens like Melyssa Ford. So we might have to chalk that one up to karma. Jayceon Taylor: Dry-snitching on hoes since 2006.