Produced by: Just Blaze
Complex says: Of course the album pops off the Maybach Music drop, “M-mm-mm-Maybach Music” (No matter how many times we hear it, it never gets annoying). The first bars come courtesy of Wale who spits exactly what he promised us he would, “They say I don’t fit up in this muthafucka/Cause all Ross talk is white, he think he Uncle Ruckus.” But he quickly tops that with, “I left Jimmy, they was spending all my budget/Now I’m with some niggas I could really fuck with.” #ShotsFired. Also, Wale interprets Rick Ross’ “Bitch I think I’m [insert druglord],” and spits, “Bitch I think I’m Teen Wolf.” Seriously?

Meanwhile, Meek spits about dropping out of the 12th grade, Pill lights up a couple marijuana sticks, Ross controls the tempo by ad-libbing between the verses, and Teedra Moses harmonizes in the background.