Tyler, The Creator hates interviews. And who can blame him? No one likes exposing the personal details of their lives to the unforgiving public, and journalists are known to ask some pretty probing questions. So how does the Odd Future frontman connect with his fans? Thank God for the Internet.

Back in spring 2010, Tyler set up an account on Formspring, the question-and-answer based blog site where fans get the chance to ask Tyler anything they want. You might be surprised by some of the intimate details Tyler has revealed about his life on his Formspring page, from the time he lost his virginity to his true religious beliefs. With his album Goblin hitting stores today, we combed 12+ months of responses and compiled a list of 10 interesting facts we learned about Tyler, The Creator from Formspring. And if he happens to contradict himself, just remember: he's a fuckin' walking paradox.