Produced by: Mobb Deep

Prodigy: “That was a little skit we did about somebody getting shot on the block. It was a rainy night, and you just hear somebody getting shot on the block, and it was actually Noyd that was in the skit. Noyd had got shot, but it didn’t go down like that. We had just created that situation to match the song. So we were like, ‘Let’s create a skit where somebody gets shot and make it real dramatic just to build up the hype of the song.’ It was just me, Hav, Noyd, and our engineer. All we needed was the little rain and thunder.”

Havoc: “We had already made ‘Cradle to the Grave’ and we were like, ‘We don’t wanna make some regular album where it’s just song after song.’ So we had Noyd breathing hard like he got shot, and P acting like he calling for my sister out the window. It was a good start-up to the song that was about to come. We were just showing how easily one of your friends could get shot.”

Big Noyd: “That’s the thing about P, you don’t even really know what he’s thinking about. P came up with the skit. When he calls out ‘Mika!’—that’s Hav’s sister. He just used her name when he’s calling her out of Havoc’s window because that’s where we used to be. P coming up with the skit had a lot to do with the drama that I was dealing with at the time. I wasn’t the wildest guy in the crew at the time, but I had the case. You wouldn’t question like, ‘Why I gotta get shot?’ You wouldn’t really question anything that Havoc and P do. I still wouldn’t.”