Produced by: Mobb Deep

Prodigy: “We made that one at Hav’s crib. That song is about certain things that was going on in the projects at that time. Real situations that was going on with us and we put it into song form. I know people hear it, and they don’t really know what we’re talking about. It’s an interesting story probably, but to us it’s a little more personal. Things were really happening, what we were saying. All that was real.

“There was this one time where our little cousin Ferg was outside on the block. He had on a little vest and he had a Mac-10 on him. He was probably about 15 or 16. We were outside chilling, and the police ran up on him, so he had to run from these niggas in the building. The police ran up in the building behind him, and he ran up the stairs, and he actually kicked one of the cops in the chest.

“He kicked them niggas down the stairs to get them up off him. He ran up, banged on the door, we let him in, boom, so they didn’t know exactly which apartment he went into. They probably was hurt and they just left because I don’t remember them banging on the door. They didn’t catch him. That happened a couple of times, where niggas had to run up in the crib real quick, because the Ds was chasing niggas.”

Havoc: “It was inevitable that we made something about living and then dying. That was just one of the top issues that’s always floating over our head. We felt like we wanted to express ourselves in that tone. The beat brought that emotion, it sounds real dark and ominous and fucked up. There’s nothing pretty about the beat so it was just fitting.

“We all collectively were fucking depressed [Laughs.]. But was trying to have fun and having fun was getting the fuck out of the projects for a little while. At the studio we were kinda at ease. We were in the creative process. Eat, drink, and be merry. But of course, even though we was in a good mood we still were making these dark, depressing songs.”