Album: Daily Operation
Label: Chrysalis/EMI Records

Gang Starr seemingly dedicated a song on every album to the subject of betrayal. While on a human level you wish Guru and Premier could have been spared the personal drama, at least they managed to turn the experiences into quality material. Daily Operation's undeniable lead single finds Premier dropping silent-film era-ish pianos over a dusty rework of the infamous Skull Snaps drums. Guru's deadpan delivery is perfectly pitched for the topic, and his verses feature more classic only-Guru-could-get-away-with-saying-this lines in, "There was a few times I needed your support/But you tried to play me like an indoor sport/Like racquetball, tennis, pool—whatever." The only thing that could have made this record even better was if he'd found a way to mention jai alai.

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