In an interview with the Los Angeles Times last year, British soul musician Sade revealed that she'd get approached for collaborations by tons of artists including one she turned down from Jay-Z.

"I'm too scared," Sade told the publication. "They'll find me out. It's like 'The Wizard of Oz.' They'll find out there's nothing there. As for collaborations, I'm collaborating with the band and do what we do. I see myself as a member of this band who does these songs that we write."

Interesting enough, Sade eventually gives in and does her very first musical duet with Jay-Z. This one's actually about two years old — according to Just Blaze — who says it was from around the same time Jay-Z was recording the The Blueprint III. Maybe this was a BP3 cut? We'll never know.

The Noah "40" Shebib-produced "Moon and the Sky (Remix)" appears on Sade's The Ultimate Collection scheduled to hit store shelves on May 3.

Listen: Sade f/ Jay-Z "The Moon & The Sky (Remix)"

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