That's right. Katy Perry's "E.T."—currently the number one song in the country—was originally for Three 6 Mafia. The "California Gurl" explained to MTV News how the song ended up in her hands:

"I'll tell you, it's funny ... this song, I remember writing with Max Martin and Dr. Luke, and there's this producer they wrote with, named Ammo as well, and they were just showing me different samples of songs or tracks or beats, and they accidentally pulled up this beat, and it was for Three 6 Mafia. I heard it and I always knew I wanted to write this futuristic, alienistic song, and they pulled it up and I was like, 'Wait, I can wrap my head around this. I know this seems like a long shot, but I think I have the perfect material to put on top of this sound.' And I did, and it really worked out perfectly."