Buckwild: “I forgot the dude who reached out to me, but he was at the label. I was actually charged because I was a big Ultramagnetic fan. So when someone reached out and said, ‘Hey, Keith wants to work with you,’ I was psyched. The only way you know about Kool Keith is if you’re a real, die-hard, hip-hop fan.

“So I went out to Cali, and it took us about two or three sessions. He picked the beat, we sat down and vibed, he kicked the chorus to me saying, ‘Yo, it’s going to be like this, what you think of this?’ He was kicking me the rhymes, and that shit was really dope. First night we laid the foundation out, and the next day we came through and breezed through the whole record. The third day I mixed it, and I was on the plane with the DAT, just bugging out, listening to it on the Walkman."