Buckwild: “We kept telling him to do a video for ‘Lifestyle,’ but it never happened. ‘Take A Look At My Life’ he actually went and did a video in the Bronx. I remember that was one of the most frustrating albums for me because I was playing so many beats for Joe.

"I played about a good 150 beats. He kept saying, ‘That’s not it.’ I remember it was Joe, Armageddon, Cool & Dre, Macho, and they were a lot of people in the studio. When I finally got to ‘Take A Look At My Life,’ he said, ‘That’s the one.’ I was like, ‘Finally.’

“When it was time for the recording, he had the hook and everything. After the hook was laid, that was when I saw how the record took form. Then after the verses, he added the intro, and after I put in my live shit, I was like, ‘Wow, I’m not mad it took a hundred beats to get to this.’

“There were some crazy shits going on during that session. During a lot of Terror Squad sessions, having an entourage led to a whole other pile of things. I remember one of the dudes in Joe’s crew called one girl, and she had to suck off like 20 to 25 people. [Laughs.]

"We’re in Sony [Studios], and you see a line of dudes going into the bathroom getting sucked off, while Beyoncé and Lenny S walk by not knowing what’s going on. So even when you could look at that, I tell a lot of the younger dudes, whether they’re good or bad, we had memories.”