Buckwild: “Actually, there were two records that were done at the same time. It was ‘I Love You’ and ‘So Complete.’ Cheri Dennis sang ‘So Complete’ on Puffy’s The Saga Continues album. I remember I was under Bad Boy at the time. [Laughs.]

"I was in Daddy’s House and I told Puff I got these two records. I played him and Bobby Springsteen the beats. I felt they could be big records, but he didn’t give me the response I was looking for.

“But Bobby was like, ‘Yo, I like those. Let me see if I could get some writers.’ He gave one to Mechalie, and the other to…her name was Cheryl? I know she’s from DC. So she wrote ‘So Complete’ and Mechelie Jamison wrote the ‘I Love You’ record.

"I remember this is around the time they just started fucking with Pro Tools. So they cut the ‘I Love You’ record, and everybody was in there during the rough. Mechalie and Puffy were there, J.Lo was also there because it was actually her record.

“J.Lo didn’t want the record at the last minute and Faith said, ‘I’ll take that.’ I thought it was going to be on a J.Lo album, but when Faith took it, I was surprised. She actually takes records from other writers. But thanks to that record, it opened up for me to work with Faith on upcoming projects like ‘Better Day (Ghetto Girl)’ from 702’s Star album.”