The highly slept-on Apollo Kids album from Ghostface Killah was one of the best to drop last year. While out in Iceland performing at a fashion show, Ghost revealed some details to Interview Magof his upcoming collaboration album with D-Block, how the game is different from when he first came up and the radio swag of 2011. He's on his 'deen' cuz!

On the new album:

"Wu-Block is more street. It's just street, that's all. We in crack spots, we in everything, we just street. That's it. You want a gangsta album? They gangsta. We gangsta. I used to get money and hustle and do it in the streets. We just mix it together, make a nice street album for the summertime."

On what artists he likes in hip-hop now:

"Really, nobody."

On Wu-Tang being explosive when they first came out:

"I can't promise you that, because everybody's not in that frame of mind. Times change. When Wu-Tang came, Wu-Tang was for that era, right there. When Dre had it in the West Coast, it was for that time. Biggie and them, it was for that time.

It's a whole different time now, we're trying to get it back there, but everyone's mind, even within Wu-Tang, might not be on that. It was a lot easier for us then, because we were just on the streets. Now we got families and babies, we thinking about a lot of shit. I had more fun then than I have now."

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