It's been exactly five years Proof's untimely death. The D12 member and Eminem's childhood friend left a lasting impact on the city of Detroit and throughout the world. Ego Trip caught up with a few artists from D-town to speak on what Proof meant to them.

Black Milk:

Proof [was so influential] just on him doing the D12 thing, killin’ it. Plus just always seein’ Proof at the spots and him just tryin’ to help out and give his advice to all the up and coming D artists. He was the only person you would see on MTV and then still see him walkin’ in one of the little hole in the wall hip-hop spots in the city.


Even in the 2000s Proof was settin’ up emcee battles. He had a building in Detroit and a company that he put together called Iron Fist. And in this building he used to bring everybody together: real street cats to some of the top emcees, and they used to battle in this one spot. He had such a plan, man.
When I think of Proof I think of Pac. But he took it to a whole ’nother level of creating unity in the city. And when he passed cats such as myself and Trick Trick and Royce and Phat Kat, we felt it was upon us to keep that thing going. He made me take pride in the city I lived in.

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