Almost 20 years after dropping his debut album Life Of a Kid in the Ghetto, Edo G is making his return to the game with A Face in the Crowd, set to hit stores May 17. The Boston OG sat down with Hip Hop DX to talk about working with DJ Premier, and the Boston hip-hop scene.

On working with DJ Premier:

We actually did a little tour together: me, him, [Masta] Ace and The Beatnuts in Australia this past summer. I talked to him about doing the record, and a bunch of different things, and we ended up coming to an agreement and getting the record done. And it was one of the fastest Premier beats that I’ve ever got. I think he gave me this beat in record time.

That picture was taken at this radio station out here called WMBR. It’s actually at [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] It was one of the first stations that played local Hip Hop. They had a countdown every Saturday. It was crazy. That was one of the launching boards for Hip Hop in Boston. [And] the white guy on there, his name is Magnus, and he was like one of the radio founders of Hip Hop in Boston. And that picture, it was like 1987.