Produced by: Ant Banks

E-40: “That was the first time me and Too $hort got together. All I ever wanted to do was a song with him. We used to miss each other in the traffic, we knew all the same people, and we used to go to the same studio. But God works in mysterious ways. Ant Banks really played a big role in there. And the track that we used was a play-over of one of Too $hort’s songs. And back then it was called ‘Playboy $hort.’ And I said, ‘The best way to do this is to put $hort on it.’

“That was the first time that the word 'fa sheezy' was ever said on wax. There's a lot of people that made they names off of that, that done made rap names off just what we said. People don't really know that that comes straight from the Bay Area. It was a word that was circulating around the soils and it blew up.

“It was a big record and we shot the video to it. Pac had came through [to the video shoot]. We were in my camper and he was playing some of his music. It was touching man because every time I’m on the subject it kinda gets to me because that was the last time I seen Pac. A few months later they tell me he got shot in Vegas and I'm like, ‘What happened? Who?’ I couldn't believe it and I didn't know it was that bad, cause you know how Pac was—he had been shot before and he was a strong-minded dude. Sometimes it’s mind over matter. But that time he didn't make it.”