Produced by: The Click

E-40: “How the song came about was, first of all [flamboyant] was a word that we always used to say in the neighborhood and around Vallejo, and throughout the Bay. You know...flamboyant means somebody that's flashy, love to showboat, ya understand? Lightweight arrogant, but at the same time—ya understand me?—solid. And I was messing around at a studio out there in Fairfield, California, with my patna by the name of Bobby Ford. And he had a few sounds on his keyboard, at the time, and I went in there and I said, 'You know what, let me play around on these keyboards.' And I came up with the bassline, and then he had a couple of samples in there, and i threw them in there, and came up with the beat. I did the beat, he engineered it for me.

“But you know the style that I used on it, I wanted to do one of the most ignorantest styles of all time, and I did that. That was 22 years ago. Basically, that's how it came about, man. I did that start, stop-and-go, Snoop-type delivery flow. And then I went to add in the little parts at the beginning and at the end—mainly at the beginning...I used to always go to the Goodwill, and give away clothes when I got older, cause I always used to get clothes from the Goodwill and the Salvation Army. So I'd go there and I'd see old records. I'd see some shit from the 1920s. I took the beginning of it and put it at the beginning. you know what i mean?

“I'm gonna be honest with you. When we first did Most Valuable Players [Ed.—his group before The Click], we was in that mode where we were from a small town called Vallejo. We felt like, Radio is the only way to do it. And we found out the hard way. We pressed up 4,000 vinyls, and we really didn't put our heart and soul, we didn't put our street knowledge in it. We were trying to make radio songs and whatnot and make it off top. But we said, We gon' change our name to The Click, cause we one big family, and we gon’ give ‘em all our street knowledge and give ‘em the game the real way. And after that it was over. We never looked back from there. You gotta realize Most Valuable Players was made in 1987, and it came out in ‘88. See what I'm saying. Flamboyant was 1989, 90.”