Produced by: Studio Ton

E-40: “I first got into [drinking Hurricanes] when we was at Pine Bluff, Arkansas. We were at this legendary club I forgot the name of. But anyway we were at the club, it was the end of the night, and we had been drinking gin and juice for like two weeks straight. Gin and orange juice, gin and cranberry juice, gin and grapefruit juice, gin and pineapple juice. Gin. We was just gin'd out. We had been drinking so much every day, when me and The Click was out there on the road, we couldn't get drunk.

“So me and B-Legit go up to the bartender. We talk to the lady like, ‘Do you have something that can get us there, like, right now? Get us perking ASAP?’ [Laughs.] She said [imitates southern accent], ‘I got the right thang for ya baby!’ [Laughs.] She went in there, she hooked us up. It was hurricanes, but we didn't know the name of it at the time. So we drank that shit and as soon as we took four or five sips we was perking instantly. I was like, ‘What this called?’ She was like [imitates southern accent], ‘Hurricane, baby!’ [Laughs.]

“I was like, ‘This shit jammin! This shit good as a motherfucker, AND it got me right. What'd you put in this?’ She said, ‘Grenadine, pineapple juice, 151 Bacardi, Bacardi Light, and then triple sec.’ You can use Malibu rum, put all that shit in there, and you can use the green grenadine or the red grenadine. We prefer the red, that’s what she used. And ever since then, we was drinking hurricanes.

“That's one of those motherfucking drinks that if you really want to get there, it'll get you there. When you drink it with a broad, the broad gotta be careful because she gone be like, ‘Mmmm this is good!’ and next thing you know she gone be drunk as a motherfucker. You don't notice that the liquor is hitting cause it tastes so damn good. You got that triple sec, Malibu rum, motherfucking pineapple juice, and that grenadine in there that's really putting that sweetness to it. And then you've got that other hitting shit like that 151. And that Bacardi Light in there, really just hitting on the tuck.

“So to make a long story short, we said, ‘Let's make a song about hurricanes,’ And that unfolded. We went in there and made it and that became one of them ones. We shot a video to it, and they played it on BET one time. At that time, BET had some program director in there that was against alcohol or whatever. We made [the video so that] Hurricane was a girl in a genie bottle.

“They only played it one time and after that they never played it again. But I'm glad that that dude does not work there no more. All our lives we would get set-tripped on, because other people from the East Coast would get to play their songs that had alcohol in the video and everything. But when it comes to us West Coast Vallejo, they wouldn't play us. But guess what? The album went gold with just that single and another song called ‘Scandalous.’ No video play, bruh.”