Produced by: Rick Rock

E-40: “That was the song that the hood cats used to go dumb to and get real hyphy on without anyone saying anything about hyphy. I’ve been on uptempo beats for years. Rick Rock came with that beat and I was like, ‘Let's call this ‘Gasoline’ cause that's what I’m gone spit, gasoline.’

“It's before motherfuckers was saying ‘gas.’ Like, ‘Man that nigga gassin!’ So that's what it was about, me just gassing the track, spitting that gasoline. And that's all I did was gas it. It was raw shit, like shit you can really paint a picture about. And that's how that unfolded.

“That boy [Turf Talk] is my favorite rapper in the world. He's the rawest rapper on the planet. I’m just keeping it 1000. He's my favorite rapper in he world and his voice fit the hook. He came with the hook, I came with the title. And it came out to be one of them ones. He was younger, and shit, even better now.”

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