Produced by: Studio Ton

E-40: “That was an actual phone call [on the beginning of the song]. That was my cousin Kaveo, he was in the pen at that time, and he was like, ‘This yo patna mayne!’ Kaveo was telling me about the things he was going through while he was in there. Me and Kaveo grew up together. So a lot of shit that he know, I know. I said, Lemme dedicate this to the incarcerated playas in the game. Lemme just explain life, go through the hard times, and cover every part of the game. That's why a lot of people in the penitentiary feel me, because they can relate to the shit I was saying.

“So, then Levitti came, and Levitti got the kind of voice that'll make you cry when he's singing. And Studio Ton collaborated with it, started singing the hook, as well as Levitti and I just did the song. I dedicated it to the struggle and all the people that's incarcerated, all the incarcerated soldiers out there.

“Me and Nas came out on major labels at the same time. Nas was doing his thing in New York and I was doing my thing. He didn't hear mine until it came out and I didn't hear his. Matter of fact, every time I see Nas, we always been cool. It just came out around the same time. His video for ‘One Love’ was playing on BET at the same time as my video for ‘1 Luv.’"

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