Talking Heads frontman David Byrne has filed a copyright lawsuit against Florida politician, Charlie Crist, after the former governor used the Talking Heads' classic "Road to Nowhere" in his 2010 campaign for senator. Crist and his campaign were both unsuccessful in the election. The musician is suing the politician for $1 million.

Yesterday, the two met with each other to negotiate and decide on a solution. It was agreed that Charlie Crist would make a public apology for using "Road to Nowhere" in his campaign without proper consent in the place of a $1 million fine.

"I'm feeling very manly after my trip to Tampa," the musician said Monday in a statement. "Other artists may actually have the anger but not want to take the time and risk the legal bills. I am lucky that I can do that. Anyway, my hope is that by standing up to this practice maybe it can be made to be a less common option, or better yet an option that is never taken in the future." - David Byrne of the Talking Heads

View Crist's apology below.