The homie Miss Info caught up with 50 Cent yesterday at the screening of his upcoming movie Things Fall Apart and they touched on the the topic of Mister Cee and his recent arrest for public lewdness. 50 (who has previously been labeled homophobic because of his controversial tweets) reminded listeners that Cee brought Biggie to the world before defending him saying, "Who is to judge you when there is an audience and it's probably one of the strongest auidences, if you look at Lady Gaga's career, that says that's fine? You say it's not fine and you're gonna get attacked. You're gonna write apology notes."

50 went on to claim he'd replace Whoo Kid with Mister Cee as his DJ any day because Cee was simply more skilled. It's nice to see an artist recognize how trivial this story really is. Maybe "fans" will stop spreading hate speech on comments sections and Twitter.

On a related note, hip-hop journalist and personal friend of The Notorious B.I.G., Dream Hampton had an interesting related tweet.

One of my fav. pics of Biggie; He's on Fulton & his longtime BFF, Mann, who was always openly gay, looks on:

— dream hampton (@dreamhampton) April 6, 2011