Everything you need to know about the last seven days in music.

Story of The Week: Lupe Fiasco Dropped Lasers

It may have taken him four years—and caused him to contemplate suicide—but Lupe Fiasco finally released his third album, Lasers, this week. Despite admitting to us that he hates the album sometimes and that he was forced into making certain songs by his record label, Lasers may turn into a huge success. According to Hits Daily Double, the album is on pace to debut at No. 1 and sell between 220,000 and 240,000 copies. If Lupe does sell that many records, it will be his biggest first week ever.

Song of The Week: Wiz Khalifa "The Race"

wiz khalifa the face coverart
Wiz Khalifa already has a No. 1 hit under his belt with "Black and Yellow" and he's got two songs that are starting to burn up the charts ("Roll Up" and "On My Level"), but he's still at it. Here's another mellow, laid-back cut off of his major label debut, Rolling Papers.

Wiz Khalifa "The Race"

Video of The Week: BiebS vs The Paparazzi

Justin Bieber rolled into a 7-Eleven with his girl Selena Gomez on the humble only to be accosted by The Paps. Biebs felt like the camerawoman was getting a little too close, so he backed her down. Gangsta.

Win of The Week / Fail of The Week

prodigy out of jail
We were hyped to to see Prodigy finally get released from prison this week after getting locked up in 2008 on a gun possession charge. We’ll be on the lookout for some new Mobb Deep music real soon. Meanwhile, Diamond (formerly of Crime Mobb) got her Gucci Mane on and tattooed a bullet on her face. Need we say more?

Tweet of The Week: Fab Twitpics Nas’ Bowling Score

Too bad Fabolous had to put Nas on blast like that.

Quote of The Week: Chris Rock On His Skit From "Blame Game"
open quote marks

I did that quicker than I read scripts that they offer me money to do.

open quote marks

Pic of The Week: Waka Flocka Flame's PETA Ad

waka flocka peta ad

It makes perfect sense for Waka Flocka Flame work with PETA. After all, it's not like Diddy and Rick Ross were rocking big ass minks in Waka's video for "O Let's Do It (Remix)."

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Number of The Week: Diddy's Net Worth

waka flocka peta ad

According to Forbes and their list, The Forbes Five, Diddy's estimated net worth is now at $475,000,000. A large part of his wealth comes from his interests in Sean John clothing, the Bad Boy Worldwide record label, and his joint venture in Ciroc. Dude is definitely fucking with them white folks.

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