Wiz Khalifa was recently on the Star and Buckwild Morning Show, and he was asked what he thought about Ghostface's slanderous comments regarding Wiz's new hit "Roll Up." The thing that the Pittsburgh MC didn't seem to know is that these "Ghostface comments" were from fake site BigGhostfaceNahMean.Blogspot.com, which has no link to the real Ghostface. Here are some of the comments that were included on the site:

"This Roll Up shit kinda soft namsayin. By that a nigga mean you could probably rock a cryin baby to sleep wit this shit nahmeans."

"Shit sounds like it was produced by muthafuckin Yanni or some shit."

"A nigga gon grow titties listenin to this kinds a shit."

"Muthafuckin Hostess wanna know if they can use ya soft ass song to fill Twinkies n shit."

Pretty funny stuff, but clearly jokes. Star and Buckwild better do a little research before ganking quotes from the Internet. Based on Ghostface's recent tweets, it looks like there's no problem: