We don't believe in magic, but every year we find something close to it in the least likely of places: Austin, TX. When March hits, the city undergoes a Cinderella-esque transformation courtesy of South by Southwest. Clubs, bars, theaters, and even the parking garages and backyards of Austin come alive with more music. Of course, you'll need a guide in this awesome, but bizarre new world, and that's where Consequence of Sound comes in.

We've assembled a list of 25 must-see acts at SXSW 2011. From established superstars like Kanye West to new favorites like Yuck, not only are we telling you who to see, but there's also a handy guide to each artist's biggest showcase and day party that'll save you time and effort in making the most of SXSW.

Words by Jeremy Larson, Cap Blackard, Michael Roffman, Alex Young, Chris Coplan, Adam Kivel, Max Blau, and Sami Jarroush.