What happened? When King’s trial came to an end, the jury (consisting of 10 whites, a Latino, and an Asian) acquitted the officers of excessive force. The acquittal left many in awe, including then-President George Bush who said the verdict, "Has left us all with a deep sense of personal frustration and anguish." Things started getting ugly on the streets as black residents began to riot in response to the evident lack of justice for Rodey King. Hours later, a 33-year-old white construction truck driver named Reginald Denny is pulled out of his truck and beaten by black gang members, who later were dubbed “The L.A. Four.” The incident airs live on television as people begin to torch buildings and loot the city. L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley declares a local state of emergency.
Song: D12 “No Rubber” (2000)

Lyrics: “Tempt one of you niggas to try to offend me/Pull you out the truck and beat your ass worse then Reginald Denny.” (Bizarre)
Complex says: Imagery of the Denny beating illustrated to the public the severity of the L.A. riots. Years later, Bizarre used Denny as an example as to how ugly shit could get if you made him angry. But the truth is Bizarre’s been out of shape for a long time, so your best bet is probably just running away—or jogging even.