What happened? After Judge Davies postpones the verdict until the 17th for fear of rioting, the jury finds officers Koon and Powell guilty of violating King's civil rights, while Briseno and Wind are acquitted. 6,500 police officers are called to duty (including police snipers) in preparation for another riot, but none occurs. King wins $3.8 million in his lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles. He later uses some of the funds to found a rap label, Alta-Pazz Recording Company.
Song: TRU “Living That Life” (1995)

Lyrics: “And it's sad to see a mother cry/It took the beating of Rodney King/Hit three million dollars to realize.” (Master P)
Complex says: So was the verdict just? Depends on who you ask. Percy Miller didn't think so, but in the end Rodney King made off with $3.8 million. That’s baby money to P, but at least he’s sympathetic. And he ought to be, because despite getting caked up, King’s life after the civil trial didn’t really get that much better since he fought alcoholism and eventually ended up on Celebrity Rehab.