Produced by: Zephlon

Raekwon: “That record was made just for fun. Just giving love to all my uncles. When you coming up a lot of those that's looking out for you be your uncles. Being a kid you always become to close to one of them. You know your mother's brothers or your mother’s nephew. You call him your uncle because he acts like he's your uncle.

”I don't even remember who made the beat, but I remember the rhyme, and I was just telling a great story about an uncle. How he used to come scoop me and hang out with me, but I never put it on an album [Ed.—’Uncle’ appears as the B-Side on ‘The Smith Bros’ 12”]. This is me just having fun on the mic.

”A lot of times when I go out and I wind up being in somebody’s studio, I might leave with like three to four tracks. So if I'm dealing with five or six studios, and I'm running in there, I'm dropping a lot of shit off and not even coming back to ‘em because we’re just having fun.

”That particular song, it always stuck in my head and I'm like, ‘Yo, you know what? I gotta let somebody hear this shit because I like this.’ Just the bounce of the beat was different. I think I just gave it to Kay Slay. This is back before he was the Drama King. This is Kay Slay when he was on some Street Sweeper mix tape thing up in Harlem. Kay Slay is one of the realest DJ slash mixtape cats slash producers that you will ever meet. Crazy cool dude.”