Produced by: RZA

Raekwon: “Me and Meth loved the beat. For the world to really know, me and Meth always go back and forth. We like to argue, fuss, and fight with one another, so everybody in the clan they kinda get a kick out of us two geekin’ and lunchin’ on each other every time. But, yeah, when we did that song we definitely was on some battling shit. And I knew Meth had the bounce.

When it comes to flowin’ we always looked at him as a flow-er. Niggas looked at me as a soldier. You know, a militant. Everybody had they specific chambers and at that time it was the flow-er versus the lyricist. The guy who’s gonna come at you with the war rhymes and the straight street shit.

“I feel he won still though because his flow was just so, ‘Who lit that shit it was I, the chinky eye...’ I was just going at him with the machine gun, ‘I’m goin’ all out kid no turn backs...’ So to this day we still laugh about it and it’s still a mystery to us who really won, but in my eyes I’ll give it to him.”