Produced by: RZA

Raekwon: “It was real long to me. That was a record that RZA really wanted to be on the album. And you know me, I'm just running with it and having fun. It definitely wasn't one of my favorites though, but it was a hot record. I was just flowin’.

”RZA really needed my voice on it. When he comes at me and says shit like that, I know that's because he’s getting ready to tear it up. That's when he was just goin’ crazy on it.

”I guess I just had two rhymes though probably at that time. And RZA probably appreciated both of them. Because that's how I was writing too back then. Like, I may write one and then be like, ‘Hold up, lemme try it again.’ Come in with another one and then later on when I hear the record he got both verses on it.”