Produced by: RZA

Raekwon: “We started to respect that at a lot of our shows we would see females going crazy for us. We was pulling a lot a ladies back then. Tryin’ to be the ladies man. You know if you got the money, you got the power, you got the bitches. You know how that go. So yeah we always wanted to have something for the women.

”So boom, Ghost came up with the title ‘Camay.’ We felt like, ‘Oh, nice title. Perfect.’ You know you think of cosmetics, ‘Camay.’ It's just a nice name. All I did was just follow the vibe of the beat and come up with some slick lines.

“All me and him and Cappa did was just sit down and write something dedicated to the women. This right here was strictly for the ladies of the world because we knew that we had started to get a female fan base. We wanted to definitely seal the girls up. It's almost like having a ‘Ice Cream’ again, but now it's an ‘Ice Cream’ for Ghost's album.”