Produced by: The Neptunes

Pusha T: “‘Virginia’ was the ode to Virginia that was never made. A lot of people make records about where they’re from. And to be from N.Y. or L.A. or to be from Atlanta and make a record, a lot of people can relate to it. They see these places glorified on TV or they're known for what they have going on in their city. But Virginia wasn’t that well-known of a place.

“You might have heard that Timbaland and Missy were from there, you knew Teddy Riley and The Neptunes were from there, but you really didn’t know what Virginia was about and that seemed to be the problem. So when we wrote the record people were like, ‘Yo, that’s the hardest record ever.’ Like, I would go to Detroit and people would be like, ‘Do Virginia!’ It’s just like, ‘Huh? Y’all really wanna hear about Virginia?’ We thought it was an amazing record, but it was even better when we saw how everyone else in the world took to it.

“My whole thing with the OJ trial and that line was that everybody was in such an uproar over it. I’m definitely not saying that OJ killed that woman because I see what the justice system sees. It happens all the time, people kill people and they get off. I’m not the one that’s gonna sit around and say he did kill her. I don’t know that he did. He got off for it. Whatever, fine. But, where I came from, I’ve been seeing guys who got off for murders due to money. So I never thought that OJ was going to jail for that.”