Produced by: The Neptunes

Pusha T: “‘The Funeral’ was written at a time when a few of my friends had died. It seemed like we were going to an abnormal amount of funerals all at once. I wanna say it was probably around like four or so, but they were just really back to back. So we decided to make a song eulogizing ourselves. That’s essentially what ‘The Funeral’ was—two eulogies of myself and Malice. The beat was so dynamic though that it really caused a stir. It was just loud and chaotic and it sounded like the second line that they do in New Orleans funerals where they march down the streets. We shot the video with that in mind.

“I love that record and that video. I was definitely still growing [as a rapper]. I was young and rebellious and the rap was just totally untamed. For me, it’s just a time stamp telling everything that was going on in that period. And one of my best friends who actually championed the record—Shampoo—he got killed soon after as well and we wrote about him in ‘Virginia.’”