Produced by: Hit-Boy

Pusha T: “Basically, my manager, Steven, had continuously told me about this beat Hit-Boy made specifically for me. That he hears me on it, that I have to do it, so on and so forth. With that being said, I was like, ‘Damn. Alright, let me check it out.’ And once I heard it, I loved the energy of it. You know, to me it’s one of those rapper’s rapper-type of records. It’s just a canvas. There’s not a whole lot to it. Sonically, it has the sound that keeps you interested, but it still gives you that flat canvas that you can just black out on, as an artist

”That [credit score line] is true talk, you know? I think, every once in a while, a lot of people lose a lot of greatness in their raps, because they don’t show any type of vulnerability. And vulnerability doesn’t always have to mean emotionally hurt. Sometimes you do get taken advantage of. And the dealer did take advantage of me. Mind you, I’m talking from the perspective of a man with no credit, and a lot of cash, trying to buy a car. Like, that’s tough.

“What do you think the dealer’s going to do? He’s going to treat you like nothing. But, at the same time, you have to have that car. So you pay over sticker price, the cash was underhanded. A lot of people comment on what one should talk about, and what one shouldn’t talk about, and what they’re tired of hearing. I can only give inserts to my life. That’s the hip-hop that I know. If you want to hear about a whole bunch of tear-jerking and heartbreaking then, you’ll have to listen elsewhere.”

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