Produced by: The Neptunes

Pusha T: “That was all Pharrell’s doing. Justin liked Clipse and he was actually working with Pharrell at the time, so it was good. We just laid the verses and got busy. That was actually really a big record for us too. That was our first video award performance. I thank Justin every time I see him like, ‘Damn man, you know, that was a really good look.’

“I really appreciate Justin for that because trust me, there was a lot of safer people he could have picked to rap on his record. So, I just thank him for being open-minded and looking at the artistry and being like, ‘I like how these guys sound and they’re new, but whatever.’ He could have picked at least ten other platinum rappers. Who wouldn’t have wanted to be on a Justin Timberlake record at that time?

“Justin was actually here in Virgina recording his album. He was in Virginia so much that I’d be taking my girl out to dinner and run into him at the same restaurants. She’s like, ‘Oh my god, I have to get his autograph.’ And I’m like, “Oh, come on. Let’s get it.” Like, ‘Oh, ok. I’ll see you later in the studio.’"