Produced by: Sean C & LV

Pusha T: “That’s a very true to life verse. I felt like the music industry traps you and at the same time it’s been the downfall for certain people in my camp. A lot of things that have gone on in this industry have been the catalyst for a lot of other things going on which ended in a negative way. The politics in music fucked up a lot of shit, fucked up a lot of lives. The life of your family can be affected just due to politics.

“Some of the people who were a part of my circle decided to just take their destiny into their own hands and do what they knew. They had put their everything into music at one point and it was going well. Then we get into this political shit and everything goes downhill. So, it was like, ‘We don’t beg, we don’t ask, so we’re just gonna get it the way we know how to get it.’ And a lot of shit just ended up in a negative way. I feel like half my friends wouldn’t have been in jail right now if there was no Hell Hath No Fury delay.

“I told my critics to jerk off because in that verse, I didn’t use one drug line. My critics always say, ‘He just talks about dope.’ It’s so annoying to hear them say that because I much rather they didn’t listen to my music. It’s not for you you fucking square! If that’s how you see my music then don’t listen to it, don’t click on it. My shit definitely resonates with some fucking body. I have proof that my shit resonates with somebody. What’s your proof? It might not resonate to you sir, but who the fuck are you? They didn’t even say a word about it.”