Produced by: The Neptunes

Pusha T: “‘Everybody Nose’ was the shit man. I love that record and I really love the original. I was a champion for the original and I think it was a little risky for the whole theme of the record. I remember they were just like, ‘You can’t spell nose, n-o-s-e.’ When people really got to understand the true meaning of the record it was scary to video and radio outlets. And they still went with it anyway. Then when they did the remix I thought that it was only right.

"I loved the opportunity to get on that one. Those rhymes within itself was just a body of everybody that I felt was saying, ‘Yo, you only rap about coke.’ Cause it’s done so cleverly at times man. ‘You don’t paint pictures/I paint Murakamis on you niggas.’ Like, at the time they were doing the paint on the fucking Louis Vuitton purses for the girls and it’s just like, 'Damn man, how y’all miss this shit?'”