Produced by: The Neptunes

Pusha T: “My verse [in the video version of the song] wasn’t the same as the original version of the song. When we had the song, the record was called ‘God Damn’ but we changed to ‘Cot Damn’ and did a remix for it. The reason we did that was there was a lot of issue over the term ‘God Damn’ and trying to get the record played in the bible belt. So there was all of this, ‘Yo, what you gonna do?’

“This was a big issue and this is why L.A. Reid is the greatest to me, because rarely do people make mistakes and admit to them. What happened with ‘Cot Damn’ was we just came with ‘Grindin’’ and ‘When the Last Time’ and everyone was pulling on what record to put out next, ‘Ma, I Don’t Love Her’ with Faith Evans or ‘Cot Damn.’ And, of course we were all for “Cot Damn.’

“L.A. Reid was like, ‘This Faith Evans record, I can make this a hit. If the record don’t pop, I’m shooting you another video. But you gotta let me hit radio with this.’ So we put out ‘Ma, I Don’t Love Her’ and he calls and says, ‘Okay, it didn’t work the way you wanted it to, but I’m going to keep my word and I’m a fucking shoot this ‘Cot Damn’ video. Do something with new verses and gimme something to work with.’ And, that’s how the remix came about.”