Show & A.G. "Diggin' in the Crates (Original Version)"

Show & A.G. "I'm Convinced"

Show & A.G. "To Each His Own (More Than One Way Out of the Ghetto) (Original Version)"

There’s “More Than One Way Out the Ghetto” indeed. As is generally known, BX underground hero Showbiz gave up shopping his “Soul Clap” demo with partner Andre the Giant and just did the damn thing himself on the independent tip in ’91. What wasn’t widely known until 2008 (via Freestyle Records’ limited edition Broken Chains EP) was the cache of alternate versions the duo worked on before dropping its classic Runaway Slave on Payday/Polygram. These included OG takes of the anthem that christened a clique, “Diggin’ In the Crates” with Diamond D, and “To Each His Own” (a.k.a. the above mentioned “More Than One Way”), plus “I’m Convinced”—a previously unreleased Diamond-produced gem.

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