Lord Finesse "Bust a Lil' Something (Nautilus Version)"

Lord Finesse "No Stoppin'"

All demo resurrection projects should be as well-documented as Vinyl Addicts’ ’08 limited edition vinyl anthology of late ’80s Lord Finesse and DJ Mike Smooth four-track recordings entitled the Funky Dope Manuever EP. Not only does FDM pinpoint the two songs (“No Stopping” and “Bust a Lil’ Something”) that got Finesse and Mike signed to Wild Pitch Records (thanks in part to the enthusiastic response of a young Guru of Gang Starr). But it also features five additional demo tracks of the Funkyman dropping his trademark deadpan punch-lines over “Engine No. 9,” “Substitution,” and other break-beat essentials. If you’re not feeling this then perhaps hip-hop is not the music for you.

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