Mudbones "Crazy Man Ahead"

A classic early demo—and a WKCR Stretch Armstrong Show favorite—from the troubled, but hugely talented Cage (and crew) that nearly garnered him a solo deal with Pete Nice and KCR co-host Bobbito Garcia’s Hoppoh imprint through Columbia (until the parent label realized Cage was too messed up on drugs to actually record material it could release). The boom-bip Junior Mance beat Q-Tip flipped for Tribe’s “Push It Along” (topped off with a hint of the Smith’s tremelo-dious “How Soon Is Now?”) sets the stage for Cage’s out-to-lunch lyrical onslaught—which is sort of like Das EFX with less “iggedys” and more references to rape and murder. Yes, Cage drops frequent n-bombs. Yes, he invites Nancy Reagan to suck him off. And yet he still finds a menace-free moment to note in true ’90s style, “Not Christian Laettner/But I’m livin’ like a duke.” Sick genius.

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