DJ Khalil: “That was just a beat that I made. I played everything on it and I worked with a singer/songwriter named Kobe who is featured on a lot of my music. That was one of the first hooks that [Kobe] did on one of my beats. I thought it was so crazy, like, everything he's saying on it, there was no real format. So I just sent it out like that. It was kind of rough, but I thought it was dope so I just sent it out. I remember I gave it to D. Prosper, who was working at G-Unit at the time. I remember giving him a batch of beats and that was one of them. And like seven or eight months later they called me like, 'Yo we need the files. 50 is gonna take that joint.' It came out of nowhere. He'd already laid the song and they took Kobe off and they put Akon on it. But Akon basically sang exactly what Kobe did.

“The funny part about it is, I didn't even hear the song until the record came out. Everybody at Interscope was like, ‘Yo, this record’s crazy. It's probably gonna be one of 50's singles.' Everybody was talking about it, but I didn't even hear the record. I remember going to Best Buy and buying Kanye’s [album] and buying 50’s [album] and that was the first time I'd actually heard the song.”

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