DJ Khalil: “After ‘Kind of Like a Big Deal’ happened, Clipse came back and they wanted more records. I had done a bunch of stuff with Kobe singing the hook at the time. ‘Footsteps’ was a beat that I made with my keyboard player Daniel "Danny Keyz" Tannenbaum. It's like a real street record, but it had a different feel to it, it has this positive vibe. When we talked about the hook, they were kind of hesitant because it was kind of a positive record. They were like, 'What made you wanna write something positive?' I was like, ‘It just felt right over that beat.’

“Kobe is incredible because all you do is throw him in the booth and he just freestyles everything. He'll just mumble words, but then he'll come up with dope concepts. And we'll kind of craft it around what he said, but we'll rewrite it. You can just throw him in the booth and his sense of melody is incredible. He sounds dope over really hard music. I met Kobe through a mutual friend back in 2006 or 2007 and we started working. First, we were just working on stuff for him and we just kept working. I don't even know how we got to where he started doing hooks for me, but we just started working a lot together. We just developed a chemistry and we've just had it ever since. Eminem loves Kobe. Dre loves Kobe. 50 was kinda already up on Kobe just because of ‘Still Kill.’ He's just very unique and the hooks that we do are very unorthodox.”

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