DJ Khalil: “I made that beat with Dr. Dre in mind for Detox, but Dre passed on it. So I took it to Game. I have a really good relationship with Game—when he got signed to Aftermath is kinda [the same time] when I got signed [to Aftermath] as a producer, so we kinda like grew together over there. I can go work with whoever. I already had a relationship with Game, so Dre and Aftermath didn't have a problem with who I worked with. It wasn't like Dre and Game had a bad relationship. It was just the circumstances of the beef and whatever else was going on at the time.

“I took the track to Game and he started writing on it immediately. He was like, 'This is crazy.' I had the hook on it and everything. It was actually a replay of the artist named Zoogz Rift who is an avant-garde ‘80s rock artist. I added some extra parts to it because the beat had this weird timing on it like it had the extra beat. It was a real challenging record for us to finish because of that little extra half bar. Then Game was like, 'Yo we should take what's his name from Tales from the Hood saying all this shit.' So, he laid the song right there and he was like, 'Yo, take this back and add these parts to it.' So I took it back, added the parts, and brought it back in. Everybody loved it. I remember he was in the studio with Busta Rhymes and Busta was like, 'Yo, who did this beat? You did this?' I was like, ‘Yeah.’ That was my first time meeting Busta Rhymes and he was just like, 'Yo, this is one of the craziest beats I've heard in a long time.'

“I have a real dope relationship with Game. Whenever I have ideas I can just go directly to him and for the most part he'll try it. He'll try stuff out and if he's really feeling it, he'll go in the booth right away. So it was real dope to be there and actually produce the record with him. The dope thing about Game, he's just real creative. He gave me the idea, I took it back, worked all of the parts in. We just collaborate like that. He'll call me and he'll just pitch stuff to me. When you work with an artist that has a vision and actually wants something in particular, and you can deliver it, that’s really dope. That's how it's supposed to work in my opinion."