Foreign Exchange, the indie-soul duo made up of Phonte (Little Brother) and Dutch musician Nicolay, release the visual to "Authenticity," the title track from their third studio LP. The Matthew A. Cherry-directed clip shows a story of a dude who just seems to be confused. It starts from him sharing a bed with a woman, who we presume to be his wife, then as the camera pans away from her, the woman disappears, and another re-appears beside him. The camera once again moves away, and another chick appears in the bed. Homie then makes his way to the club where he lip-locks with another chick. Then another chick walks in, he greets her, the other chicks gets mad, she leaves, the other chick slips him an e-pill, then they lip lock. Confused and drugged, he meets yet another chick (still in the club). They stumble to his car where they engage in more face action. Upset, she ditches him in the car where he's just dead out of his mind. Night turns to day and the man makes his way into his house. He's greeted by his worried wife and slips on his wedding band as she anxiously hugs him. Oh what a night.

[via NahRight]