In between a million emails, overactive RSS feeds, and never-ending Twitter timelines, we're bound to miss a few gems. Lucky for you, we're not afraid to admit it, because we know we're not the only ones who occasionally sleep on good music.

Last Christmas Eve, when most of us were wrapping last-minute gifts and spending time with our families, Swedish duo jj quietly dropped their banging' Kills mixtape. Not sure how we missed it, since we've been fucking with them since their 2009 debut, but it happens. This weekend we were clicking around YouTube and stumbled upon "Still," an amazing reinterpretation of Dr. Dre's "Still D.R.E." We promptly downloaded the entire project and it's been on repeat since. Listen to the song and download the entire 'tape below.

jj "Kills" Mixtape [LINK]

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