DJ Premier: “It’s just about the whole gun situation. Everybody’s holding, including us. We were holding too. When I hold a gun, I know how to be sensible about it. I’m not holding it to wild out or just to shoot somebody because I’m mad at him. There’s responsibility in buying that gun, and part of it is dealing with it like a man, and not dealing with it like an idiot, and getting behind iron bars for unnecessary reasons. I think the law sucks on how guns are here, especially in New York versus Texas where we can carry one. I understand in one way, but you got to look at it both ways. I don’t have problems with people owning guns, though. Just don’t wild out with it. It’s all gravy. Everybody could have a gun. As far as the record, I just wanted to make it sound like chaos because that’s what is going on when there are tons of guns in the mix. And those samples definitely fit my vision of what it should sound like.”