DJ Premier: “They were at some studio. Maybe Quad? And I went up there and made it on the spot real quick, and I had to leave to go out of town, so I said, ‘I’ll just leave it with ya’ll. Just touch it. Then I’ll mess with it when I get back.’ They blessed it. Being groomed by Puff on Bad Boy, you got to learn how to structure out your albums, and they know how to do that. So with that one it was just real easy. For ‘None of Ya’ll Better,’ which was Jadakiss’ Kiss Tha Game Goodbye, I was just expecting him to be on it, then again, I went out of town, when he sent the parts back, now remind you we were on two-inch tape, not Protools, so they get me the reel, I pop it in, and I’m looking at the track sheet like, ‘Styles P and Sheek Louch?’ So they jumped on it again! I never got a solo record from any of them except when Jadakiss did ‘Rite Where U Stand’ with Gang Starr. I guess they thought, ‘Shit, I got a chance to be on another Premier track? I’m jumping on it.’ So they always made it a Lox collabo, which is always dope because they always got busy.”